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Merlin Rarepairings

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Merlin Rarepairing Challenges
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All Members , Moderated
Comm Manifesto
All fanworks posted to merlin_rarepair must focus on a rare pairing. Taking into account the current trend in fandom, at the moment a rare pairing is defined as any pairing other than Merlin/Arthur, although this may change in the future. OT3 or OT4 fanworks that include Merlin and Arthur (e.g. Arthur/Merlin/Morgana) are acceptable, as are fanworks where M/A plays a secondary role.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a community for sharing and encouraging fanworks for the rare pairings of the Merlin fandom and creating fandom diversity. This is NOT a community for bashing other people's shipping preferences. If you're caught creating wank you'll get one warning from the moderators, and then you're out.
All fanworks must be placed behind an lj-cut, with a header containing a suitable rating and set of warnings.

Fiction Header:

Tag your fanworks with their pairing and rating.

In a graphics post you are allowed to place teaser icons before the cut, but no more than three. Large graphics go under the cut.

Only votes from members' personal journals will be counted in the monthly challenges. You may only vote with one of your journals. Votes by fake or empty journals, or journals that do not belong to members of the community will not be counted. It should go without saying, but you cannot vote for yourself. If you cheat you will be banned.

If your post is incorrectly tagged or does not carry suitable warnings, you will get a note from the moderator. Repeat offenders will have their posts deleted without warning. Tags can be seen here. Please note that there is only ONE tag for each pairing; check the tag list thoroughly before creating new tags.
Monthly Challenges

In addition to any fanworks you wish to post to this comm at any time, Merlin_Rarepair also issues monthly challenges based on prompts. We welcome fanfiction and fanart (vids, wallpapers, icons, what have you...). To enter, simply tag your entries with the appropriate challenge # tag.



Challenge Timeline

1. New Challenge Posted: Issued at the beginning of the month.

2. Breadth of the Challenge: Until the third week of the month.

3. Voting on the Entries: Begins during the last week of the month. (Depending on the number of participants, we may divide the entries into categories based on pairing, fanfiction v/s fanart, and/or any other device the mods deem appropriate. All voting will remain anonymous.)

4. Winners Declared: On the last day of the month. Banners included! ;)


✖ HEADER: by Oltha_Heri.
✖ JOURNAL LAYOUT: by Milou-Veronica.
✖ PROFILE LAYOUT: by Belarus

Wanna affiliate? Questions, comments, concerns? PM the mods!